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Street Art

N°1 online site of Street Art and Urban Art edition such as Lithography Silkscreen, pigment print.

An Artistic movement represented by Street Art artists such as:

JonOne | M. Chat | Nick Walker | John Matos Crash | L’Atlas | MadC …

Online Art Gallery

Passion for Urban Art & Contemporary Art

Jonone street art artist
Street Art and Urban Art: Art Gallery Paris and Seoul

Talents Discoverers of Street Art & Contemporary Art

Eric Brugier & Laurent Rigail are first of all passionate, collectors before being gallerists.

Indeed, immersed young in this current artistic movement of Street Art and contemporary art, they decide and assume to present only young artists

Urban and Contemporary Art: Jonone, M Chat, , CHarlelie Couture

Online Art Gallery and many other services

SAO, Online Art Gallery, and the Brugier Rigail Gallery are present throughout the world.

Physically present in Paris in the Brugier Rigail Art Gallery as well as in Seoul, our two contemporary art enthusiasts also offer many services focused on art such as Street Art exhibitions, Urban Art and Contemporary Art, an expertise of paintings, silkscreen prints, lithographs, collection management, advice on the purchase of works and tax exemption

Street Art Artist M Chat Jonone (c) Guy Denning (c) Fabien Verschaere

Street Art & Urban Art between good hands

Eric Brugier and Laurent Rigail present only contemporary artists of Art, Urban Art and Street Art that they like.

So, we find in the SAO Online Art Gallery and in the art galleries of Paris and Seoul, artists such as:

JonOne, M Chat, MissTic, Jerome Mesnager, Speedy Graphito, Robert Combas, Guy Denning, Shepard Fairey, Mad C, Nasty, The Atlas, Monkeybird, P. Bonan, Jacques Villeglé, Nick Walker, Fabien Verschaere, Charlelie Couture .. .

Online Art Gallery

Street Art : Art urbain en sérigraphie d'artistes tels que : C215, Charlelie Couture, Jonone, guy denning ...


Urban Art and Contemporary Art

  • Art Street : Galerie d'art en ligne

    A as Urban Art, Contemporary

    The SAO Online Art Gallery is not limited to UrbanArt or Street Art, but to all forms ofContemporary Art.

    From Graffiti,sculpture to Ceramics

  • Artiste de Street Art tels que Jonone, M CHat, C215, Denning, Verschaere...

    O as On Line

    SAO offers many works of art online such as silkscreen prints, lithographs, of exceptional quality and very often in limited edition and signed.

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Street Art : Art urbain en sérigraphie d'artistes tels que : C215, Charlelie Couture, Jonone, guy denning ...

JonOne: Silkscreen

“Thank you for JonOne’s beautiful box, entirely customized by the artist’s hand!”

Julie R – Lyon

M Chat: Lithography

“Nickel and serious shipping for this lithograph of M Chat signed and numbered”

Roland B – Bordeaux

Mad C

“Serious packaging for screenprinting by Mad C … Arrival in time! Thank you SAO”

Evelyne D – Courbevoie

Jonone: Silkscreen

“I was afraid of sending a work by JonOne like this, but nothing to complain about, Bravo!”

Eric D – Cahors