Invader – Invasion Kit 09 – Hypnotic Vienna, 2008

18 000.00

French street artist Invader presents his”Invasion Kit 09 – Hypnotic Vienna” on the online art gallery SAO, made in 2008 in 150 copies

Unique piece of tile mosaic, delivered with the original packaging of the invasion kit

A word about the street art work presented:

Invader, French street artist, presents his Invasion Kit 09 – Hypnotic Vienna”

Our online art gallery offers this unique piece with a size of 12 x 17 cm

Special features of this work:

  • Artwork numbered on 150 copies
  • Plexiglas tile mosaic, delivered with the original packaging of the invasion kit
  • Kit made in reference to the”Invaded Bridge“intervention at the Vienna Museum District

A word about the artist Invader:

Franck Slama, better known as Invader, was born in France in 1969. It was in 1996 that his artistic project “Space Invaders” was born, consisting first of invading the streets of Paris and then those of the whole world. “Each of these pieces is a fragment of a sprawling work,” invaderexplains.

Dividing his works into tile tiles around the globe, Invader operates what he calls “invasion waves“. Each piece is referenced and the artist has even developed a smartphone app to scan his Space Invaders,which generates a score – and an interplanetary game.

At present, Invader is an essential artist in the history of street art andcontemporary art. It is exhibited in collections, galleries and museums around the world.

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