L’Atlas – Off the wall – Red, 2019


L’Atlas, an emblematic French street artist, presents the silkscreenOff the Wall – Rouge” of 2019, signed and numbered on 50 copies.

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A word about street art presented:

L’Atlas, artist of Street Art, offers us a silkscreen on paper

Our online art gallery offers the work of this French artist of a dimension of 76 x 56 cm

Special feature of this silkscreen:

  • Artwork signed by theartist
  • Silkscreen numbered on 40 copies
  • Editor’s dry stamp

A word about L’Atlas:

Jules Dedet, a.k.a. L’Atlas, began graffiti in the 1990s. Fascinated by Chinese and Arabic calligraphy, he went to study Arabic calligraphy with specialists in Egypt and Morocco. It was on his return that he developed his own original typography.

Between spirituality and geometry,black and white, the street artist intends to create a form of universal pictorial language. Surfing on street art,flirting withoptical art andabstraction,L’Atlas marks the urban space of its graffiti concealing most often a word.

Its painted facades and monumental street art performances, created on emblematic and/or historic sites, such as the forecourt of the Centre Pompidou in 2008, have allowed the artist to gain international fame.

Distinguished by a constant search for the renewal of his work and his expression of the letter and the line, L’Atlas pushes ever further his work towards abstraction and minimalism.

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