M Chat – Paris 1858, 2019


M Chat presents a screen print in 6 coloured passages on a lithographic background, available on the online art gallery

A word about the work of Street Art presented

M Chat, Street Art artist, offers us a screenprint in 6 passages of color on a lithographic background

Our online art gallery offers the work of this Franco-Swiss artist with a size of 64.5 x 96.5 cm

Special feature of this silkscreen (from an original Street Art painting):

  • Artwork signed by theartist
  • Numbered screenprint
  • Editor’s dry stamp

A word about the artist M Chat

Mr. Chat was born in 1977 in Switzerland, and has lived in France since the 1990s.

This Street Art artist is one of the most popular artists of this artistic movement.

Thework of this street artist revolves around the figure of his smiling yellow cat, which he places on the walls of the cities where he spends as much as on his canvases.

Mr. Chat now works all over the world; its sole purpose is to “put human and love in the city.”

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