Nick Walker – Can’t stop won’t stop – edition, 2019


Nick Walker presents the street art digigraphy “Can’t stop won’t stop” on Beaux-arts 320 gr paper.

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A word about the street art work presented:

Nick Walker, British street artist, offers a 320g Fine Arts Paper Digigraphy.

Our online art gallery offers this work with a dimension of 76 x 50 cm

Special feature of this work:

  • Artwork signed by theartist
  • Numbered on 50 copies
  • Editor’s dry stamp

A word about artist Nick Walker

Nick Walker was born in Bristol in 1969 and appeared on the English street art scene in the early 1980s.

This street artist is a forerunner of British graffiti and is a role model for other artists of this movement.

Nick Walker‘s uniqueness comes from his ability to combine the freedom of graffiti with a perfect mastery of the stencil. He thus manages to transpose the strength of street art on to the canvas, without denying his origins as anurban artist.

His works of street art,full of humor and irony, travel the world today.

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