Street Art: the top of SAO Online Art Gallery

Do you know Street Art: the top of the SAO Online Art Galerie?

Street Art Artist M Chat Jonone (c) Guy Denning (c) Fabien Verschaere

JonOne: The Pioneer of Street Art

The online art gallery SAO has just opened its new digital window dedicated to Street Art in the form of Screenprinting, Lithography and Sculpture.

Indeed, the Brugier Rigail art gallery in Paris is a fixture in the art movement of street art andcontemporary art in Seoul and around the world.

In addition, the Brugier Rigail Art Gallery encourages and exhibits artists from all backgrounds such as:

  • JonOne: American Artist
  • M Chat: Franco-SwissArtist of Urban Art
  • John Matos Crash: American Artist and Graffiti Icon
  • Guy Denning: British contemporary artist, urban art specialist

Online Art Gallery: Professional Services

In addition to the recognition of professionalism by the artists and the art community of the Art Gallery, the Brugier Rigail Art Gallery is also an ethic and services.

Indeed, transparency and ethics make this online art gallerya key player in contemporaryart

Of course, as professionals, Laurent and Eric offer the following services:

  • Estimate and Expertise: Tableau Street Art, Urban Art, Lithography, Screenprinting and Cultures.
  • Management of private and public collections
  • Buying Tips Artwork,Challenges …

Urban Art: Contemporary Art

The term“Urban Art”is used by graffiti artists who make art in the streets such as graffiti.

Indeed, many contemporary artists have appropriated this term which brings together different creative tools and media.

Namely that the term“pop art”predates that of Urban art but come together for certain works

This artistic trend comes mainly from the United States in the 1960s and was represented, among others by Andy Warhol


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