Monkeybird – Simeon, 2020 – Silkscreen


Monkeybird (crew street art)presents on the online art gallery its street art silkscreen street art on paper “Simeon” from 2020.

This limited edition is signed by Monkeybird and numbered on 50 copies.

Manual silkscreen, 4 colors with a 24-carat gold passage, on pure rag paper.

Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm.

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A word about the street art artwork presented:

The duo ofstreet art artists Monkeybird presents their silkscreen street art “Simeon” (limited edition).

Our online art gallery offers the work of these French artists of a dimension of 70 x 50 cm.

Special feature of this silkscreen:

  • Artwork signed at the bottom right by Monkeybird
  • Numbered silkscreen at bottom left
  • Manual silkscreen, 4 colors with a 24 carat gold passage, on pure rag paper
  • Editor’s dry stamp

A word about the Monkeybird crew:

The duo Monkeybird was formed in 2012 by Louis Boidron and Edouard Egéa, former comrades at the Bordeaux School of Design.

Their universe, which speaks of men and their hidden face, makes Blow,the bird (Bird), and Temor,the monkey (Monkey) , intersect at infinity.monkey All in a graphic of great sophistication, mixing paint and stencil.

The crew street art Monkeybird works on multiple supports: the walls of the streets, of course, but also on canvas, on wood, on various papers, and also indulges in silkscreen.

Monkeybird,for its street art artworks,practices the art of stencil and cutting, engraving, drawing or printing on glass.

The sources of inspiration of the two artists are many: illumination, medieval stained glass, architectural ornamentation, imagery of the Arts and Crafts … And their imagination knows no bounds.

A major figure in urban art in France, the Monkeybird leave their mark on the streets of many cities in their country, but also in all of Europe.

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